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Sweat Ethic

When you are looking to get the most out of each workout it is essential to focus on improving blood flow. Greater blood flow leads to increased nutrients, blood, and oxygen delivery to your muscles. That is why we created VASO'D! A non-stimulant vasodilator that utilizes clinically studied ingredients that have been proven to relax blood vessels resulting in improved pumps and better workouts!

Why are relaxed blood vessels beneficial? When the vessels are relaxed more blood is able to travel through the veins. This effect will begin to kick in about 20 minutes after consumption as your muscles will be visually more vascular. The greater blow of blood will enable your to push further during the grueling sets at the gym, endurance training, and athletic events.

During strenuous activities our bodies product lactic acid when it is low in oxygen and needs to covert glucose into energy. When lactic acid begins to buildup in the body you'll start to experience muscle fatigue. That is why we included CarnoSyn Beta-Alanie in VASO'D as it has been clinically studied to delay lactic acid buildup in the muscles allowing you to push yourself further!

If you this it sounds too good to be true...then simply reach out to us on the contact page and we will send you a free sample. We are so confident that once you try VASO''ll never workout without it again!

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