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Hypd Supps- PUMP

Hypd Supps- PUMP

Hypd Sups

PMV Darkside includes some of the needed performance ingredients that your preworkout may have, but allows you to increase the overall effectiveness of those ingredients. These ingredients include Citrulline Malate (Recommended 6-10 Grams) and Beta Alanine (Recommended 3.2 to 6.4 Grams) - These two key ingredients will extended overall performance and really enhance your start to finish workout routine.

Next you have Betaine and Glycerol Monohydrate. Both of these products are extremely hygroscopic and will work to help create muscle atrophy by expanding the muscle cell with added volume from fluids and increasing your overall "Fullness" you get when working out. This fullness also maintains after your workout the more you use glycerol products.

For Strength and Power Output we added Nitrosigine and Creatine Magna Power. Being that this product is about "VOLUME" we used Magna Power creatine because of its highest retention rate of water. More Water in the Muscle Cell will allow more muscle growth as it stretches that muscle cell during volume training. Pair this with the Nitrosigine, one of the most effective Nitric Oxides on the market which will allow blood vessels to dilate and ensure needed nutrients like oxygen, glycogen and water make it to your muscle cells.

Lastly, we have Coconut Water Powder and Spectra. The Coconut Water is to ensure you are holding onto proper fluids during training while the Spectra is a Antioxidant that will be fighting off bad free radicals and other things released from your body during immense stress/training.

This product is available in Both Purple Punch and Sweet Water!
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