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Amino Supreme - Freedom Formulations

Amino Supreme - Freedom Formulations

Freedom Formulation

Experience Training and Recovery

Like Never Before

If you’re ready to take your training and results to the next level then staying anabolic and successfully recovering is extremely important. Unlike other amino products on the market, AMINO SUPREME features a number of powerful ingredients to maximize performance and recovery.


AMINO SUPREME provides the full range of essential amino acids that help trigger muscle protein synthesis, reduce DOMS, enhance recovery, and protects against muscle breakdown during training.


AMINO SUPREME is packed with valuable electrolytes to optimize hydration and refuel the body’s minerals. And, AMINO SUPREME also includes an Endurance Matrix & Joint and Strength Matrix to help you go harder and longer while supporting your joints in the process.


Ignite muscle protein synthesis for greater muscle repair, recovery, and growth. AMINO SUPREME is the perfect amino acid supplement for everyday use to keep a steady supply of essential amino acids pumping into your muscles.



Exactly What You Need For Maximum Muscle Growth & Recovery

AMINO SUPREME  is a well-researched all-natural Amino Acid supplement specifically formulated to speed-up muscle recovery and maximize growth. With a full blend of EAAs, creatine, beta-alanine, glucosamine, raw coconut powder, and l-carnitine l-tartrate, Amino Supreme is the most well-rounded amino product on the market today.

  • Decrease recovery time between sets to get more reps in and get more out of your workouts
  • Create an optimal environment for rapid muscle growth
  • Avoid catabolic state during periods of fasting, cardio, or demanding physical exercise
  • Formulated with clinically researched ingredients that propel hyper-performance

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that play a crucial role in speeding up muscle recovery and maximizing muscle growth.

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